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According to Nogunzone, Allen Mikell was found dead hanging in a South Philly park. Many allege that Mikell was a victim of a possible racist crime. Sources say that Allen Mikell’s family will not accept any theories around suicide. Mikell’s body was found in a park on 9th and Federal.

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The people of Philadelphia demand answers around this eery death of Allen Mikell.

Allen Mikell allegedly was visiting family from out of town. Somewhere in between visiting family, the incident happened, and Mikell was found dead hanging in a park. The family refuses to believe the police reports on it being suicide.


The video of Allen Mikell’s body hung in a park has surfaced online. The disturbing video has not only left Mikells family but the residents of Philadelphia demanding answers.

Mikell’s family has since then started a GoFundMe for his memorial.


Charlotte Brown gives more detail around the night of the hanging. Mikell started his day off getting his laptop fixed before a zoom conference he had.

After the meeting, he met up with a friend in the afternoon where he ended his night off being dropped off near Penns Landing. That was the last time Allen Mikell reportedly was in contact with his family.

The next morning his wife got a call around 7:00am that her husband (Allen) was found dead hanging in Capitolo Park. Brown says that this apparently this is the second hanging on that occurred at this South Philly playground recently. 

More news to come as the story develops.

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