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“To inspire people that look like me.”

Those were the words of Sandra Lindsay. Nurse. Sandra Lindsey… The first person in the United States to receive the Pfizer Covid vaccine. Nurse Sandra Lindsey.

“That was the goal today,” she said in a phone interview on Monday. “Not to be the first one to take the vaccine, but to inspire people who look like me, who are skeptical in general about taking vaccines.” —

And there you have it Put respect on her name because how many times have we been in this position. To feel like guinea pigs in a country in dire need of help. And yet again to have a black woman step up to the plate and be the first to not only inspire those who are skeptical… To inspire a country and the world.

Right now over 300,000 people have died from Covid-19. 300,000 Americans! Most who are in dire economic straits and more than likely Black and/or Brown.. Once again it’s those who are in need the most, who are the most skeptical, leery.

Kind of reminds you of voting a little bit… Doesn’t it. No matter how many times the black community steps up and votes we do it with a sense of trepidation. Still not certain if it will matter, or make a difference in the policy concerns that matter most to us.

Well, this vaccine is similar. A race of people who were subjected to the Tuskegee experiment, — look it up, — and who are in the most need, and skeptical, is yet just like voting, expected to participate freely and with the belief that the concerns and needs will be met. In this case, it’s to fight off a virus that has shut down the country twice, affected millions of lives, and shows no signs of slowing down.

Essential workers are first in line…Potentially risking their lives. At least that’s how some people think about being the first to take vaccines. Many every day people have said they’ll wait a while as long as it’s not mandatory and kind of see how it all plays out. To see if there are any adverse side effects or lingering symptoms.

They’re waiting to see what happens to the guinea pigs. Yet there is another group for whom operation “warp speed“ couldn’t have been fast enough. And believe me, this was fast. Think about it, in eight months time Pfizer has come up with a vaccine that they believe has over a 94.5% rate of success. This is great news to those who are currently battling this virus and fearful for their lives.

So it makes sense, that An essential worker, a black essential worker, and a black woman, take the first leap of faith to inspire and instill. How apropos in the year 2020. A year when it should’ve been the president to be the one to inspire that sort of thing.

No, instead this will be a year when the names of certain black women will always be remembered as sources of inspiration: Kamala Harris, Staysea Abrams, Breonna Taylor and now… Sandra Lindsey… Nurse Sandra Lindsey.

Another Black woman who will forever be linked to the year 2020.