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Without going into any more detail as things are changing by the hour… Here is the bill and latest deal set to pass in the new stimulus package

Currently, the $900 Billion Stimulus Package worked out by both the Senate and House will give Americans $900 Billion in stimulus support and relief.

Here’s where we are right now:

Direct payments of $600 per adult and child for household that makeup to $75k

$284 Billion in Forgivable Paycheck Program Program Loans that’ll expand the program for nonprofits, for local print, electronic media, and broadcasters.

$15 Billion for Live Venues:

Movie theaters, museums, and the like. My guess is this industry is dying and these venues can still be utilized for some type of essential use.

And an additional $300 per week of unemployment for 11 weeks as well as $25 billion to extend the eviction moratorium and rental assistance.

82 Billion for Education, 7 Billion for Broadband 10 billion for child care assistance. 13 billion for supplemental nutritional assistance aka, (SNAP) — There is 1 billion dollars for HBCU’S for federal loan forgiveness

It goes without saying that this bill is not without criticism. Many are saying this is still not enough.  Others have compared our stimulus package to Canada which right now is providing $2000 a month for the next four months in stimulus relief for Canadians. — For instance what’s not in the bill… funding or extended credit to local and state governments.

Still, others complain that using Christmas, and the unemployment benefits deadline coming to an end as leverage is a risky poker game that Americans never asked to sit in on.

Millionaires and the well-off gambling with our lives isn’t what Americans signed up for.

But since this is Classix 107. 9 — I’ll end this article with the title of a song… “10% of something is better than 100% of nothing at all” — Right?