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Officer Eugene Goodman

This is Officer Eugene Goodman. The officer who despite being chased by an angry group of terrorist the majority which were angry white men, didn’t  discharge his weapon. Imagine that, not feeling threatened enough to kill  “peaceful protestors” —  Proof that it can happen.

Or… what he may have been thinking and why he hesitated was He didn’t want to be the black cop who unloaded and emptied his clip on a crowd of terrorizing white people.  That’s the difference in being a white police officer and a black police officer in one of these situations.

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I mean think about it: Peaceful protesters who couldn’t take anymore racist scenes of Black people like George Floyd and Breonna Taylor and Ahmand Arbery or Walter Williams (the list is endless) being murdered by police, would take to the streets were they would be frequently confronted beaten by police with batons, teargassed, arrested and more. The result would be 14,000 arrests, to say the least.

Talk about being psychologically stigmatized. Smh… Goodman could have easily emptied his clip on the domestic terrorists. After all, he could have used the tried and true “I feared for my life, which visually didn’t look like an exaggeration. It’s also normally the defense white officers consistently throw out when they kill Black people. Comments from those watching ran from the obvious, to the appreciative and thankful.

-“It must of been frightening for him. Those insurgents were out for blood.”

“I hope Biden gives him the Presidential Medal of Freedom”

“He may be the only reason the terrorists weren’t able to take hostages.”

So what exactly were we witnessing and what did Officer Goodman do? Officer Goodman, distracted the Mob and led them past the door on his left Which was actually the door to the senate chambers were members and their staff were hiding and sheltering in place.

Think of the door being rammed by Terrorist who were so full of anger and hate they were chanting “hang Mike Pence, “hang Mike Pence, – – over and over again… They even built and constructed gallows with a Hangmans noose to do just that. Terrorists were flaunting zip ties and weapons and Kevlar.

For instance — Ashley Babbit. – 14 year decorated Air Force veteran from San Diego California.

She was the woman we all saw shot and killed in The Capitol by Capitol Police because she believed in a lie. The lie that the election was stolen. And the lie that VP Pence could and would decertify the Electoral College Outcome and declare Donald Trump the winner of the 2020 Election instead of Joe Biden.

In my opinion her blood and the blood of 4 others including a Capitol Police officer beaten to death with a Fire Extinguisher and another who was dragged face down from the Capitol entrance is squarely on Donald Trump’s and MAGA’S hands.  —

I know many of us see her as a traitor and I get that. But understand from her perspective… She/They actually believed they were making a difference and saving America. So multiply that times a thousand and that’s the mindset and energy Officer Goodman was dealing with and the climate he was in.

This man is  a HERO.

While many of his fellow officers were posing for selfies and moving out of the way letting the terrorist pass through doors Officer Goodman remembered his training and kept his wits about him. Saving lives instead of taking lives.

Btw it should be noted for all concerned that all of this was planned and talked about for weeks and the meeting places were there for all to see on the social platform parlor which has now gone dead for continuing to entertain hate speech and violence.

And that’s what many on the right are focusing on more than anything else right now. Trying to change the narrative to them being victims of big tech who’s exacting censorship and taking away peoples first amendment rights to freedom of speech, (which really isn’t true, because your first amendment rights are about your relationship with government, and not your relationship with privately owned technical companys ) instead of the fact that five people are dead and at least one officer deserves credit for it not being a massacre.

Bravo Officer Eugene Goodman. Job well done! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 What a man. What a “Good” man.

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