Trump targets Black voters as Supreme Court weighs voting rights. Stay woke.


I wish we had time to break down every conspiracy theory on Daniel Kaluuya’s muted speech on the Golden Globes, or to examine why the mayors of Seattle and New Orleans are in a Twitter feud over Russell Wilson.

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Unfortunately, those things aren’t important right now, because the Black vote is under attack.

While we’re arguing over who won the last Versuz, the Supreme Court is hearing arguments on Brnovich vs. DNC, an Arizona case that could erode the Voting Rights Act and allow state legislatures to make it harder for some to vote. That would help Donald Trump and his minions to silence us politically–a strategy they discussed at CPAC, a conservative gathering that took place last week.

Trump, who lost the presidency by 7 million votes and was banned by Twitter and Facebook for his election fraud lies, is nevertheless popular in the GOP. When he spoke at CPAC, he outlined strategies that seemed tailor-made to suppress Black votes.

He told his people to dust off voter ID, stop early voting, eliminate mail in ballots, remove drop boxes, and more.

We can’t let that happen. Our vote is our voice. We’ll lose it if we don’t fight back.

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