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It’s no secret that Mo’Nique doesn’t hold her tongue when she feels disrespected or threatened.

Just last week she called Whoopi Goldeberg “the help” and now she allegedly had some choice words for Steve Harvey.

According to gossip site, Mo’Nique was recently a guest on the “Steve” show to promote her upcoming residency in Las Vegas, but it all went left when Steve told the Oscar winner that she needed to apologize to Whoopi for disparaging comments she made in an interview with Vulture, a source said.

However, Mo wasn’t trying to hear that noise.

“She threatened to hit Steve in the face. He told her if she hit him, her husband would have to come out and square off,” the same source added.

Steve Harvey - Family Fued Live

Source: @IAmGWoods/Radio One Inc. / @IAmGWoods/Radio One Inc.

While neither celeb has confirmed this alleged altercation ever happened, reported “that the cameras were rolling during the heated conversation, but no word on if it the spat will air.”

The episode will allegedly air in the coming weeks, so time only time will tell if this is actually the truth.

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