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Rich is still dealing with his baby mama’s prison saga on tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop New York, but we don’t yet know what the outcome of that situation is. Maino and his girl, Maggie, pop back up again and their situation is that Maggie wants to get on a song that Maino has about bad chicks. She feels like it’s only right that she’s on the song since she’s Maino’s girl and she’s bad. Maino reluctantly agrees, but he really wants her to do something other than music, like be a businesswoman. He’s not trying to shut her dreams down just for the heck of it, he’s coming from a place of knowing how hard it is to make it in the music industry. But Maggie doesn’t care.

Sidney Starr finally consults with a surgeon about gender reassignment surgery. Later on, Sidney tells MariahLynn about it. Unfortunately, Sidney Starr doesn’t have the $30,000 for the procedure. However, MariahLynn is supportive and springs into action trying to figure out what Sidney can do to get the money. MariahLynn’s advice is that Sidney needs a record, but not just any record, she needs a bop, something to get the people excited. In related news, Nya Lee goes to Rich Dollaz and talks all about the drama that went down with Sidney. Rich is swayed by Nya Lee’s testimony that Sidney can’t be taken seriously and he’s ready to sever business ties. Later on, Sidney Starr and MariahLynn present a new record to Rich Dollaz. It’s Sidney and it sounds much better than previous stuff and even makes Rich decide to give her another chance. Basically, MariahLynn should have been the one to groom Sidney this entire time.

Back to Maino. Now we find him in the studio with Alexis Skyy and plays the track from earlier for her. Then Maino’s girlfriend walks in the middle of this because Alexis invited her to her studio session to hear the fire track. Awkward. Alexis gets a sense of what’s going on and now she’s irritated that Maino had entertained the track with Maggie first. Alexis excuses herself so that Maino and Maggie can talk. Maino repeats that he didn’t really think Maggie was serious about music and frankly, he wishes she would pursue more stable options than music, like launching businesses (she already has a boutique and he wishes she would focus on that and other, non-music related things). But Maggie is going to do what she wants and what she wants is music.

Maggie decided to break away from Maino and link up with Hollywood Play, a rapper she met over a decade ago. They record their song, but less than 12-hours after recording, Hollywood Play is gunned down. So, a celebration of art turns into a vigil for the slain rapper.

Finally, the episode concludes with Juelz proposing to Kimbella, you know the proposal. It’s the one we saw go viral a couple of months ago. Isn’t that sweet? Ride or die for years for someone who doesn’t really treat you right and then after they lose their teeth to a drug addiction and are on the verge of going to jail they’ll propose. Congrats?

Ok, I couldn’t resist being shady but let’s reconvene next week.


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