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The Real Housewives of Atlanta crew is still in Tokyo! Now it’s time for Eva’s second official bachelorette party. Tanya is hosting the party and planned a mix of culture with the typical bachelorette stuff so this is going to be interesting. NeNe comes through and acts weird the entire time. She’s basically taking her drama with Gregg out on everyone. But things get really amusing when the Japanese stripper comes through. He doesn’t speak English but it’s an interesting experience as he dances in a g-string and socks, and is generally very ironically reserved. He even bows after finishing his dance. This type of stripper culture is obviously super far off from what these ATLiens are used to, but they made due, and definitely cracked jokes.


Once the stripper leaves, Tanya introduces some games. The first game was where they’re supposed to dress in the most outlandish Harajuku-inspired looks they can, but they don’t like Tanya’s game so they shift to more traditionally raunchy bachelorette stuff. Then they take the party out on the town and have a blast.

The next day, NeNe gets a chance to speak to Gregg on the phone and tells him she didn’t have a good time on the trip because of what’s going on between them. She’s exhausted nurturing him all the time and not having anyone to lift her up. Plus she doesn’t like who Gregg has become with cancer. Cynthia comes to check on her so she cuts the conversation with Gregg short, but this is the moment she finally gets to break down. She comes to tears as she explains to Cynthia that she’s tired of being strong all the time and that she sometimes needs to be vulnerable. Cynthia is all ears and very supportive like a good girlfriend should be.

The next day, they hit the town for a samurai lesson. That turns out to be a clumsy, but fun experience. Then we find Eva and NeNe kicking it later on and the next thing you know NeNe gets flowers and a card. It’s from Gregg and he’s offering a deep apology. He apologizes for the pain he inflicted on her, tells her he loves her and asks her to let him back into her heart. NeNe is crying so hard she can barely stand it but it seems like it’s happy tears.

Finally, Eva brings the group together for a final dinner in Tokyo. They discuss their highs, lows, hopes, dreams, and plans. They’re actually supportive of each other and there’s actually no drama or cattiness.  Then comes the moment where Kandi surprises everyone by telling Porsha that she feels crappy about some of the things she said about Dennis because she experienced that behavior from people with Todd, and Todd turned out to be amazing. So she understands how Porsha feels and apologizes for her behavior with regard to that.

Porsha accepts her apology and is committed to moving forward and having better communication between them with hopes that they can once be cool again like they were. They hug it out just in time to head back to Atlanta!


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