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Kyle Massey

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Do you remember Kyle Massey from Disney’s show, ‘That’s So Raven’? Well yes, Kyle Massey who played Corey Baxter, Raven’s little brother has been fighting this case of sending pornographic content, since 2019 and now things have escalated as he is now facing a felony charge for it.

In 2019, Kyle Massey was in the process of being sued by a 13-year-old girl because she allegedly received sexual content of a pornographic video and photos. As documented by TMZ, Kyle Massey was charged with a felony of communicating with a minor, as that conduct related to the lawsuit.

During that lawsuit, the 13-year-old girl filed a lawsuit against Kyle for $1.5 million for supposedly sending “”numerous sexually explicit text messages, images, and videos” on Snapchat. Kyle denied the allegations, claimed he was being extorted. 

As a cast member of one of Disney’s most memorable series, its unfortunate to hear of these occurrences that children once looked up to.  If you recall, Orlando Brown who played Eddy also had some legal incidents and had a whole episode where he claimed that Nick Cannon sucked his eggplant

Raven Symone herself also had a series of episodes where she claimed that she wasn’t African American.


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