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Could the Fugees make a comeback? That is what Simon Boyle is reporting in his “Bizarre” column for “The Sun,” now we know that “The Sun” doesn’t always get things right but a Fugees reunion would be the biggest move of the decade.

“Lauryn, Pras, and Wyclef are still discussing what exactly they will do but they have managed to talk through everything which happened last time and feel like the time is right to return. There are loads of ideas being thrown around, including a tour, a movie, and maybe even new music — it could be their first album in 25 years. There is a lot of buzz and they all want to make it happen,” writes Boyle.

“You will have a better chance of seeing Osama Bin Laden and (George W.) Bush in Starbucks having a latte, discussing foreign policies before there will be a Fugees reunion,” said Pras in 2007.

The Fugees broke up after their 2006 tour, their 1996 hit album, “The Score” brought us hits such as “Fu-Gee-La,” “Killing Me Softly” and “Ready or Not.”