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Another Florida Man, well Philly man actually, which honestly should be trademarked, has been caught on camera for doing something unusual again.


Eugene Bozzi, 26, was caught on camera displaying an act of justice on September 28th. The Mount Dora resident was alerted by his daughter that a seven foot animal was in their front garden.

As you can see by the footage, Mr. Bozzi brought out the big guns to protect what he holds dear.

Mr. Bozzi is a US Army Veteran.

Mr. Bozzi used a trash can on wheels to corner and cage an alligator.

Mr. Bozzi ALSO was wearing Adidas slides with the causal fit, and a classic black durag.

This US Army veteran kept his cool, while the crowd of bystanders stood by to screech and gawk at the amazing feat.

Once the gator was caught in the can, Eugene dashed the can towards an embankment near a retention pond. He pushed it over, released the gator and then sprinted back up to safety.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission immediately urged anyone in a similar to call and its officials to garner a PROPER alligator trap.

How would you go about getting rid of an alligator? An alligator on your lawn no less!

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