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Source: @JustInMyView / Radio One

As Black Music Month comes to a close, we wanted to share an interview done with Dyana Williams and her integral part in bringing Black Music Month into existence via Real Beautiful.

In an exerpt from the discussion Dyana explained what was being done prior to establishing Black Music Month with local & national chapters of the Black Music Association.

Before Black Music Month came about, you were active in the local and national chapter of the Black Music Association. How did you get involved, what was your role and what was the whole purpose of the group?

My ex-husband and I co-founded the association together. I was active in the Philly chapter and then later nationally, but I was there at the core of its establishment. The inspiration behind the Black Music Association was black entertainer’s advocacy and the desire for the masses to recognize the black music industry as a multibillion dollar industry. Historically, black music, whether that be Gospel, Soul or R&B and at one time Rock-N-Roll before the gentrification of the genre ensued, took up a sizeable amount of revenue and has generally dominated the charts. Even now, if you look at the charts, hip hop music is the top selling genre of music and most pop hits are occupied by black artists in the likes of Rihanna, Beyonce and even mainstream rap artists like Cardi B. Unfortunately, despite the revenue that black music has generated, that profit has never benefited the actual artists or even the songwriters and producers of such hits. The whole idea behind the Black Music Association was always to be a catalyst for change to eventually change the way in which black entertainers were paid, advocate on their behalf and have more of us in positions of power to make such happen.

You can read the full interview for your self here.

But you know on Classix 107.9 we celebrate Black Music 24/7 – 365! Starting in 2 weeks, Dyana Williams will join Classix 107.9 and become your new afternoon host! More details to come.