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Russ Rant: Use The N Word At Your Own Risk


Nancy Goodman is a white woman who called a group of Black women the N word at a Raleigh, North Carolina restaurant. In an interview Goodman said she got upset with the women because they were too loud. She then walked up to the group and called one of them a “stupid n***er.” He knows folks are getting bold and feeling powerful but he warns them, “use the word ni**er at your own risk.” Everyone won’t let them walk away in one piece. Webster’s dictionary actually defined the n word as “an ignorant person,” for a while and that would have applied to Goodman. But, it has since been changed to “a black or dark skinned person.” Russ urges Black people to stop allowing that word to hold the power that it holds.

Russ Rant: Use The N Word At Your Own Risk  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com