Ahmaud Arbery

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Recently a video has surfaced of a police officer approaching Ahmaud Arbery for being so-called suspicious. As the police officers asked Admaud what he was doing he replied saying he’s in his car rapping. Shortly after Arbery asked why the police are harassing him. The police officers felt threatened and started to draw there taser guns.

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HU Staff: Kecia Gayle @kecia.kae Following the video release of the deadly shooting of Ahmaud Arbery, another clip has surfaced showing Georgia cops bothering the young man three years ago. In the video obtained by The Guardian and released Monday shows police in Georgia attempting to search Ahmaud Arbery’s parked car in 2017. ______________________________________________________________ One officer confronts him and asks what he is doing in the area. Arbery explains that he was just rapping in his car. From there, the officer requests to see his license, which he complies. The clip then jumps to the moment where the officer reaches out for backup which agitates Arbery. The young man proceeded to ask why the officer is bothering him while letting him know that he has nothing on him. ______________________________________________________________ The second officer arrives at the scene and demands to search his Toyota. Arbery repeatedly declines and that’s when the Glynn County officer fires off his stun gun on him. The device clicks loudly, without apparent effect as it malfunctioned. Arbery is then ordered to get down on the ground and he obeys. From there, the officer tells Arbery that the area was known for drug activity. Arbery explains again that he was just only in the area to ”ease his mind” while rapping in the car on his one day off from work. ______________________________________________________________ Read more at hollywoodunlocked.com 📸: Photo Credit: @tmz_tv ______________________________________________________________ If you have a tip or suggestion, or want to talk to us about this story, Text the word “TIP” to 1-310-388-6463!

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The Glynn County officers felt bringing out there tasers was the right thing to do since the area they were in was known for “drug activity”


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