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Tonight’s episode of Basketball Wives picks up with Malaysia and Jackie’s near brawl. Remember, Jackie got called out for stirring the pot and we all know how she gets when she’s dead wronglouder and even more wrong. And for some reason, Jackie’s random friend, Deion, who doesn’t even really know these women, tries to pop off too. It’s ridiculous, especially when Jackie throws a chair. Basketball Wives security ain’t Love and Hip-Hop levels of efficient but they’re on it tonight. They’re so on it that Feby even feels froggy enough to get involved, acting like she was going to fight Jackie for real. 

Later on, Jackie tells OG, and CeCe (her only kinda-sorta allies) what went down, and they get the bright idea to have another ponderosa, but this time it’s going to be set up like a court. OG is pre-law so she’s going to be the judge, obvi. 

Meanwhile, Jessica, Dominique, Evelyn, and Malaysia get together because Malaysia wants to get to the bottom of things. Jenn says she wasn’t talking smack about Malaysia or her kids all around Atlanta. Malaysia feels like Jenn is telling the truth. They call the guy who sparked all of this in the first place. They asked him if Jenn told him these things. He said his friend Ashley told him that Jennifer was talking about him and that all that information that Ashley got came from Dominique but this isn’t quite his original story. Dominique pipes up and tells him to kick rocks because his story isn’t straight. They all think he’s just trying to use to group for his own fame, which might be right. 

Let’s fast forward to the ponderosa. It’s really set up like a non-jury trial with OG and her wig as the judge. The rest of the group aren’t feeling it but they sit through it anyway. Jackie’s friend Deion, the one who popped off at the skate party, is there being messy once again. Things go left quickly and he ends up getting escorted out. They don’t even know him like that and aren’t with the fact that Jackie keeps trying to bring random outsiders into their circle, and they really aren’t with him butting into their business. 

Now, let’s get to the trial. Malaysia is the defendant while Jackie is the plaintiff. CeCe isn’t present because Byron told her she couldn’t go. Now, CeCe is a grown woman and can do whatever she wants, but in this case, Byron had some good sense. 

Malaysia and Jackie both say what they have to say. Malaysia says she’s hurt because they’re supposed to support each other and not bring outside people into their inner circle. Jackie swears she didn’t do anything wrong and “rests her case.” This goes nowhere, but OG’s ruling is rational. Malaysia and Jackie just need to stay away from each other. 

Everyone agrees, but we know what show this is. Jackie and Malaysia are going to be around each other again unless one or both start pulling a Tami Roman and just not showing up to film. But anyway, there will be more geriatric toddler drama next week. 


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