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Common is one of the most progressive rappers on the mic. However, once upon a time, he used homophobic lyrics but stopped back in 2007.

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On “The Clay Cane” on SiriusXM Urban View, he was asked what made he evolved. The Chicago native explained, “Two guys who were gay came to me  after a show and they said, “Common man, we love your music. We love your music. Your music touches us. But the fact that you using the word fag is like, man, that hurts us.’ And it was just like an awakening because it humanized everything that I was saying. I was only using the word ’cause it was part of a culture that I grew up in… I didn’t even think about what the word meant and how it was affecting other people. And I had to grow into the courage and the strength within self to be like, man, I don’t care what my homies saying.”

He continued, “I don’t care what these cats in hip hop saying, this is where I am with it. I’m not homophobic. I embrace people who are gay, who are a Christian Muslim, Jewish — I’m open to human beings and life. So that being said, it was a real pivotal moment for me and changing my perspective. I went on to do a song called “Between Me, You and Liberation”… I just created this story of how one of my friends told me he was gay and how I had to deal with it and grown no matter what. I still loved him as my friend and I felt those two guys I met a part of that.”

Watch the clip below from the interview.

His new album “Let Love” drops on August 30.


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