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After being freed from prison after 21 years with the help of Kim Kardashian, Alice Johnson is now starring in an ad for the reality star’s new shapewear line SKIMS.

“I was serving a 25-year sentence without the possibility of parole. Kim saw a video of me. She heard my story. She said, ‘This is so unfair.’ And by the way, I didn’t even know who Kim Kardashian was!” Johnson said.

“She went to war for me to fight for my freedom. That’s why I call her my ‘war angel,’ because nothing stood between her and my freedom.”


Now, not everyone is happy with Johnson being in the ads, and not because of her, but because some folks feel like Kim, who has constantly been accused of cultural appropriation, is using the Black woman to sell her line…and trying to equate freedom from prison with wearing these “Spanx knock offs.”


As we previously reported, Jonhson was arrested in 1996 and charged with drug conspiracy and money laundering. According to Mic, a string of events caused the mother of five’s life to crumble. First, she got divorced, then lost her job, and had to file for bankruptcy, which prompted her house to go into foreclosure. Sadly in 1992, her youngest son Corey died in an accident.

Suffering from depression and watching her life spiral out of control, Johnson started hanging out with drug dealers and found herself caught up in a lucrative operation that transported and distributed cocaine to Memphis, Tennessee. In 1993, she was arrested, along with 15 others involved in the same drug bust.

Somehow the prosecutors convinced the others to testify against her in court. While they were given sentences ranging from probation without jail time to 10 years, Johnson was sentenced to life in prison without parole, plus another 25 years.

Thankfully, last June, Trump granted clemency to Johnson after meeting with Kim.

BEAUTIES: What do you think? Is Johnson being celebrated or exploited?


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