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Prayers to one of our most beloved and favorite icons in the entire entertainment industry, Whoopi Goldberg.

Joy V Behar shared on The View that Whoopi Goldberg tested COVID-10 positive over the holiday break and is now recovering at home.

Whoopi’s COVID case has been reported with very mild symptoms. “Since she’s vaxxed and boosted, her symptoms have been very, very mild.”

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Whoopi said, “I FaceTimed with my family for Christmas and New Year’s and it was extremely difficult,” she said. “My mom also tested positive for Covid. We’re all negative now, and thank God Manny and the kids and my dad were negative and remain negative. I’m so thankful that I was vaccinated and boosted because I only had cold like symptoms, but I didn’t feel great honestly and it just goes to show you that the vaccine and the boosters do work and it makes sure that you’re not hospitalized for something like this and it makes sure that you don’t die from something like this.”

“They say there’s no place like home for the holidays and that’s exactly where we are this year,” said co-host Behar. “Happy New Year from all of our living rooms. As you can see we’re back in boxes and doing the show remotely, hopefully for just a week, I’m praying that it’s just a week but you never know because this omicron thing is all over the place.”

Behar added, “Why am I here instead of Whoopi? Well, Whoopi, unfortunately, tested positive over the break but she’ll be back probably next week. Since she’s vaxxed and boosted, her symptoms have been very, very, mild. But we’re being super cautious here at ‘The View.'”