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Philly slang is heavily used everywhere in the world. If this is a shocker you have obviously been living under a rock. For years, Philadelphian’s have used slang words in movies, music videos, it’s used by our favorite athletes, and even some of our favorite entertainers. Hence one of the best football plays of all time is called “Philly Special” so it’s safe to say we run the culture! But what are some of those terms that move the culture? Below we’ve listed the Philly slang terms in Hip Hop that drive the culture.

Jawn: a person, place, or thing


Boul: This term is to refer to another male


Young Boul: Is a young man


Drawn: Somebody that is acting out of character.


Drawl Box: An individual that is REALLY acting out of character


Ye Mean: Do you know what I mean?


Bid: A fool or fooling around


Type Time: What are your intentions?


Whiz Wit: A cheesesteak with cheese whiz and onions


Whiz wit out: A cheesesteak with Cheese Whiz but without onions


Wooder Ice: Water Ice


Ard: Alright/Ok


Ocky: Unauthentic


Outta Pocket: Out of line


Niz: Nope


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