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Russ has been seeing a trend of “role reversal” in Black families and relationships. In the Black community, women earn 2/3 of bachelors degrees, 70% of all masters and over 60% of all doctorates. Which he says is excellent, but why aren’t Black men doing the same? He believes that we have so many young Black men who simply don’t believe in themselves, and there are others who are trying but not hard enough.

“If you have a stay at home man, there’s a problem,” Russ says. As far as he’s concerned there should be no reason why a woman is taking care of a fully capable man. He has always felt like he needed to take care of his wife and kids.

Yes, he knows that often time’s the road to success is an uphill battle for Black men, but it’s that way for Black women too. He wants to see ladies raise the bar and Fellas step up.

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