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Mykal Coles

Source: Sarah / Radio One

Meet Mykal Coles, he has 26 kids. His current wife, and now common-law wife were friends before becoming one union.

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We were first introduced to Mykal Coles on Quincy’s TV show, The Q On Fox. We invited them to come back from Virginia to delve deeper into their lives. So here is a quick overview:

Mykal has kids with a high school sweetheart. He also has an ex-wife that he has kids with, a current legal wife he has kids with and a common-law wife he has kids with.

The oldest kid is 26 years old. They have 7 or 8 kids above the age of 18.

Mykal cheated on his wife with his now-legal wife, Alicia, who he is now legally married to for the last 20 years. Alicia and Jasmine were friends and that is how Jasmine became part of the family.

Mykal Coles & His Wives

Source: Sarah / Radio One

Each woman has her own home and they live 5 minutes apart and Mykal splits his time between both homes.

Mykal on how he splits his time amongst the wives and kids and how is everyone satisfied

My time is crazy but I do good time management because I make sure I make time for all of them; individually as well as collectively. A lot of times I am where I need to be. Jasmine has smaller kids so sometimes I have to be there early in the morning for when she goes to work

Has there ever been jealousy between the wives?

Alicia, the legal wife admits yes, she has been jealous. Yes at different times I have battled with that emotion. Spiritually, I try to pray on it. I pray it away or I read my Bible and that helps me

So you are saying to yourself, pray? What part of the Bible is that? Watch and find out below.


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