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On May 11th, the fight for abortion rights took a drastic turn when a bill packaged as the Women’s Health Protection Act failed in the Senate. A 49 – 51 vote only party lines with the lone exception being Senator Joe Manchin, Democrat of West Virginia blocked the bill from moving forward. With the imminent reversal of the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court Roe V. Wade decision, making Abortion legal, which would lead to states deciding the law could affect millions.

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Russ uses his rant to express his disgust over the recent decisions of Republican lawmakers. Listen Below:


Read Russ’ Rant Below:

Roe versus Wade, the codified legislation was struck down in the Senate yesterday. Joe Manchin was the lone Democrat who I think now for sure everybody knows that he was in a Republican plant basically voted against putting some legislation in there that would prevent the Supreme Court from striking down Roe versus Wade. I’m, I’m horrified that this is happening because I know who this is going to hurt. And yes, it will hurt people of color women of color, more so than you know, because there’s going to be a lot of young ladies that are going to try to self abort, they’re going to be ladies that will die.

What was horrifying about this whole thing is that you got a bunch of drunks up on Capitol Hill, making decisions on what you can do with your body. Now, I know if there was some kind of situation where it was flipped, that men have to be castrated, medically castrated, or snipped or something none of these laws would exist, they just wouldn’t happen. But we have so many women that are placed in a position to have to make a decision that they shouldn’t have some drunk guy sitting on Capitol Hill at a bar making that decision for them. There are going to be so many women that have been raped through incest or just sexual assault, that cannot make a decision when that is without being criminalized. That is horrific, and that has taken us back into the very dark ages. We’re doing that in 2022. I’m horrified. And I’m so scared for so many of these young ladies, because a lot of the rich and well connected are making these laws that are up in Washington DC, where if that were to happen to one of their children, they can just call their best buddy who happens to be the head of surgery at a major hospital, and they’ll take care of it. But Ladies are going to have to go across state lines, they’re not going to be able to afford it. You’re kicking it back to the states and you know what states are going to outlaw abortion. And they’re saying to you that if you tried to abort a fetus, you are now a criminal. And you’re subjected to murder charges in some cases.


Guys, we cannot continue to sit on the sidelines and be quiet. I have a daughter, I don’t even want to make that decision for my daughter. And on her father. These people are not related to us, and they don’t care. And what’s so hypocritical about this whole thing, is you have unwanted children that are brought into this world that you do not want to take care of you do not want them on social assistance. You don’t want that. It doesn’t make sense. You know you got to separate church from state and the senators and and and these congressmen we got to separate them from the bars up on Capitol Hill. Because only drunk people make these kinds of decisions. And they don’t care because they know their base wants to get rid of abortion. They just want to get reelected. Regardless of whether you are raped through incest or other means. You got to carry that child to full term. They don’t care. They just want to get reelected. These are the people who put money in my pocket. This is a sad day in America. And I’m disgusted because this is just the beginning because they’re gonna go after you know, same-sex marriage and LGBTQ rights and the home. This is just the beginning. But this is the worse. They started with the worse. I just don’t understand how a 60-year-old man can sit up and make a decision for a woman. They have rights. And I know your argument are the children have a right to live in this I get that. But under what circumstances. This is tragic. This is my rant.



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