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The D.L. Hughley/Mo’Nique controversy took a shocking turn with the “Queens of Comedy” comic to a personal hit to the Hughley family. Mo’Nique sent a shot a Hughley by using his youngest daughter’s unfortunate sexual assault at the hands of a family friend and D.L.’s original responses as a way to shade him over an issue on who was supposed to headline an event. D.L.’s oldest daughter, Ryan decided to enter the fray to protect her sister and father. In an IG post, Ryan said:

“Hi @therealmoworldwide I’m Ryan Nicole Shepard (D.L. Hughley and LaDonna Hughley’s eldest daughter). You’ve now publicly disrespected my mother—who I love and care for very much—and my baby sister—who I love and care for very much to get back at my father—who I love, respect and care for very much. At this point, I feel like you are asking my family and myself to act out of character.

Out of all the things you could have legitimately said about my dad, if that’s the route you wanted to take, you chose to be deliberately mean and hurtful to two black women who have nothing to do with this conversation. Using my mama and my sister to show people my father’s character only shows how little mental stability, dignity, morality and respect you have not only for yourself but other black women.

You’re clearly two crayons short of the full box sis. You’re disgusting and you absolutely need to keep every single member of MY family’s name out of your poisonous mouth. Not because you can do us harm, you can’t. But because you are adding to the historical and systematic disrespect and trauma of other black women…who you claim to love. And for what? A check? You’re bringing up trauma for a concert line-up discrepancy? All you’ve done is proven that you have no moral compass. Nothing is too far in your quest to prove a point and I’m blessed that my parents raised children who have no idea how you could possibly go here.

We Hughleys are going to have a good ass day and a blessed life. We are healed. We are whole and we love each other fiercely and deeply. You can continue to live in that scorched earth kingdom of yours. Get some help ma’am, Fa Real. Oh, and if you want to have this conversation in person, I’ll happily give you my address 🥰

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Russ Parr decided to use his “Russ Rant” to give his thoughts on the situation and simply put: She has crossed the line.

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You know I got to talk about this D.L./ Monique thing. I have always supported Monique you know whenever when she wasn’t totally right. I know that the last time she was in a beef is because of all this stuff that was happening to her being ostracized and blackballed in Hollywood, which I think she was. I think she really was. But I’m starting to figure out where this all stems from. Because of her comments, it seems like it’s “get back” time. I’m going back to work because 50 Cent and Lee Daniels, want to work with me, and so on and so forth. But all those people that crapped on me before, I’m gonna let you know, because D.L. was critical of her. Steve Harvey was critical of her. She called Steve Harvey a “coon.” She went in on DL obviously, we know the whole story behind that. But it’s starting to come out because these people were critical of her when she didn’t play the game.

You guys can say what you want about Steve but Steve was not wrong when Steve said basically, it’s a “money game.” There’s a money game to be played here. And if you don’t play by the rules, you’re not gonna get that money. You don’t necessarily have to give something up of yourself but you got to know how to play the game. I wrote a book “Game behind the game mastering the art of bullshit.” Okay, not to say that that’s everybody’s tact, so I get that. But you know, the guys were critical. But now she’s gonna get back because she’s on her get-back tour. That’s what it seems like to me. But the other day, Monique, cross the line.

You do not weaponize a sexual assault or molestation of a woman to make your point. You don’t do that. And then post a video of D.L. admitting that, hey, you know, I didn’t, I didn’t protect my daughter, which to me, as opposed to him being a coward was very courageous to admit, I effed up. And he’s been in a lot of therapy to deal with that. But you crossed the line. You crossed the line when you attacked his child and his wife. I can’t support that. You cannot demonize, you cannot weaponize sexual assault to make your point. This is going to hurt her. Because you cannot proclaim to be a champion of all women when you are using women, to make your point. When you were capitalizing on somebody’s pain, and suffering, to make your point. I’m not going to get into a back and forth about why you should support her because I looked at all these comments “that’s right babies” and all these people supporting her. This is where even your supporters have to draw the line. You have to, you have to say something. You can’t continue “Oh, she’s speaking up for sisters”. She’s not speaking up for D.L. Hughley his daughter who had a traumatic experience happened to her she’s not speaking on the behalf of her. She’s speaking on behalf of herself. So she can make a point. Bad move. And I’m extremely disappointed. Extremely.


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