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215 Day Cheesesteak

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All week, we are celebrating Philly as we get ready for 215 Day this Saturday. So let’s talk about cheesesteaks. Probably one of the longest and oldest running debates in Philly is who makes the best cheesesteak? All Philadelphians know the REAL answer, right? It is subjective! That’s right. Which cheesesteak you like best is based on where you live, childhood memories and who took you for your first cheesesteak. So let’s get into some of the fave spots in Philly.

Larry’s Steaks Home of the Belly Filler. Located at 54th Street off of City Line near St. Joe’s University and at 920 W. Girard Ave. Larry;s was Kobe Bryant’s favorite spot to get a cheesesteak. He always made it a point to stop by the 54th Street location when the Lakers were in town. Steak is not the only food item on the menu. You can also get vegetarian stromboli, veal grinder and pizza. Check them out online 

Max’s Steaks. Long before their cameos in the movie Creed and the tv show This Is Us, we’ve always known about this hot spot located at 3653 Germantown Ave. Opened until 3;30am,  the cash-only establishment has an adjacent bar for you to grab a drink while you patiently wait for perfection to be made!

Dalessandro’s Located at 600 Wendover Street, they are opened until midnight every night except Sunday’s. They have steaks, burgers, salads and more.

Ishkabibble’s Located on South Street, Ishkabibbles is a definite tourist favorite. They have been on South Street since 1979. Serving the cheesesteaks and chicken steaks and of course you can’t forget their signature drink, the Gremlin. The drink is half grape juice and half lemonade. Click here to check them out.

Chubby’s. Voted the best cheesesteaks in 2016, Chubby’s has been in business since 1987. They serve cheesesteaks, cheese fries, beer all in a diner-style type setting. Click here to check them out.

Ok so we CLEARLY know that this list is far from complete. Feel free to argue, talk amongst yourselves but most of all make sure to show Philly some love all week long!