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What’s Your Point With Russ Parr & Armstrong Williams

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Russ Parr & Armstrong Williams are back for “What’s Your Point” on the Russ Parr Morning Show. This time the Red & Blue duo talk about the Republican fight for guns on the congress floor and the heated debate around Ilhan Omar’s removal from the foreign committee.










 Topic: Guns on Congress Floor

Russ Parr: Congress yesterday voted to be able to have guns on the floor of Congress. Lauren Boebert and all these folks that are gun enthusiasts. I noticed that some Republicans are wearing AR-15 lapels instead of the American flag. What is your position on having guns on the floor of Congress? 

Armstrong Williams: You know the United States Congress as the White House and the Supreme Court as some of the most protected government buildings in the world. You know I am a First Amendment, Second Amendment individual. I believe in conceal and carry. I certainly am an advocate of firearms, but you know when you are on those premises, and you have the best security in the world. I don’t understand why members would feel threatened and one of the most secure places in the world. Obviously, I think it’s more symbolic than meaningful, but I think that is something that today I think that’s the last place you need to carry a firearm. I would never deny a lawmaker’s right to do so, but obviously, they’re protected by the best


On Ilhan Omar being removed from the Foreign Relations Committee

Russ Parr: Ilhan Omar was taking out the Foreign Relations Committee OK and to me, it just smacks of anti-Semitism, which your side of the aisle practices on a regular basis. You had a president for four years that practiced that. Doesn’t set a bad precedent by removing a lady that you feel is anti-Semitic?

Armstrong Williams: Well listen, what is gander is good for the goose. Pelosi did the same with Republicans. She did it with Marjorie Taylor Greene.

RUSS: She’s nuts, Armstrong!

Armstrong Williams: Ilhan Omar has made anti-Semitic, anti-Jewish divisive comments and she apologizes for it and she continues to do the same so. They had every right to remove her.




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