COVID-19 has hindered just about everything from flourishing in 2020. Most of us are stuck on a consistent hamster wheel of activities and many people are simply OVER IT! People have been getting creative with ways to find entertainment during this quarantine. A lot of young people are finding it very difficult to keep coasting […]

Philly native, Geez decided to go around Kensington and pass out free pizza and water. During these trying times every effort in taking care of each other is a great effort! CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO RNB PHILLY Geez posted the video to his Instagram captioning it, “I brought 10 boxes of pizza and 2 cases […]

These days most people find themselves thankful to be considered “essential workers.” With the entire world being “shut down” in efforts to curve the coronavirus pandemic, many people are stuck in the house working from home, or just simply bored AF! On the other side of things, some employees deemed to be essential are finding […]

Back in 2000 *NSYNC dropped one of their most well known songs,”It’s Going To Be Me,” from their “No Strings Attached” album. On it, Justin Timberlake puts some added spunk in the lyrics when he sang “me” as May. Every year as we end the month of April and transition to May, a meme of […]

Pennsylvania: 41,165 Positive Cases 1,550 Deaths Philadelphia: 11,152 Positive Cases 272 Deaths 24,646 Negative cases Montgomery County: 3,733 Positive Cases 217 Deaths 14,668 Negative cases Delaware County: 3,281 Positive Cases 141 Deaths 7,815 Negative cases Chester County: 1,177 Positive Cases 82 Deaths 4,756 Negative cases Bucks County: 2,504 Positive Cases 141 Deaths 7,265 Negative Cases […]

According to reports, North Korea Kim Jong-Un Dictator has “passed away or on his death bed” after heart surgery. The news has been reported by various news outlets in China and Japan along with TMZ. TMZ reports that a Chinese medical team did a “check-in” on Jung-Un. A Hong Kong-backed news channel’s vice director announced […]

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected many people in a number of ways. From job loss to food insecurity, people are facing hard times and need the help of others. Several celebs have stepped up to do great things for their local community and beyond. Check out some of the great things these celebs have done.

According to CNN Kenya’s Capital city Nairobi is distributing COVID-19 care packages thanks to its Governor Mike Sonko.  While this sounds like a great service for its citizens, some are upset with Governor Sonko because the care packages contain small bottles of the popular Cognac Hennessey. Get Breaking News & Exclusive Contest in Your Inbox:   […]

While many are still waiting for their stimulus check due to the COVID-19 pandemic, one man in Columbus went to the ATM to find the IRS mistakenly deposited millions of dollars into his bank account! Get Breaking News & Exclusive Contest in Your Inbox:   It was a regular visit to the ATM for 18-year-old Melik Pointer […]

Palestinian entrepreneur Jay Mazini has done his part in showing his appreciation for the essential workers out there. Mazini pulled up to a local Checkers restaurant and surprised employees with $40,000 ($10,000 to each employee) CASH. Jay Mazini posted the video of this kind act captioning it, “BLESS THE WORLD!!!! JUST WANNA CHANGE LIVES MAN!!!!!! […]