“To inspire people that look like me.” Those were the words of Sandra Lindsay. Nurse. Sandra Lindsey… The first person in the United States to receive the Pfizer Covid vaccine. Nurse Sandra Lindsey. “That was the goal today,” she said in a phone interview on Monday. “Not to be the first one to take the […]

COVID-19 Hits the Buckeyes Putting a Pause on the 2020 Season


Well, this Coronavirus is spreading by the second. As the days go by, more and more public figures are getting caught with the deadly virus. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson were the first celebrities to come out with the Coronavirus. Chet Hanks, son of Tom & Rita came out to social media shortly after the announcement of […]

Philly will not be opening indoor dining or gyms until the latest date, August 1st.

Chuck E. Cheese got hit by the coronavirus too.

Restaurants have been waiting on the governor’s ok to reopen but not everybody is ready for it. Even though Governor Mike DeWine has given the ok for restaurants to go back to dining-in on Thursday, May 21, some restaurants in Columbus are not ready. DeWine gave a layout and health guide to help restaurant owners […]

Nearly two months have passed living with the the threat of the coronavirus. Many lives have been completely changed thanks to this global pandemic. Americans have been receiving stimulus funds over the last several weeks which were intended to offer relief in this time of being laid off, fired, or working from home. But the […]

Little Richard's Gender-bending, High Energy, flamboyant style would leave a lasting impact on Music and Pop Culture

“No… But I thought that Before COVID” That was Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms’ response to the pointed question “Do you think that this current President, President Donald J. Trump is fit to be president during COVID-19?” asked by April Ryan.

COVID-19 has truly put a damper on fun these last several weeks. Restaurants, bars and everything slightly resembling fun have all been forced to shut their doors, leaving many people desperate to get out the house. Private parties and house parties have been on the rise over the last few weeks in different cities across […]