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It goes without saying, but the world of politics can get quite stale when the nation isn’t in the midst of a presidential election, nationwide crisis or viral scandal that puts the subject at risk of losing it all on the Hill.

However, in the midst of policy-making and signing bills into law, there’s been an underlying culture of fashion-forward politicians who unintentionally make the courtroom feel less boring by simply turning it into Fashion Week.

Who could forget the colorful range of pantsuits that Hilary Clinton rocked during her presidential run against Donald Trump? Better yet, how about that beige Easter suit Barack wore back in 2014 that sparked think-pieces all across the Internet.

President Obama And Family Go To Sunday Church

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Even though it’s quite clear that you don’t have to be a snappy dresser to get the job done, many power players in politics understand that having impeccable style can be a beneficial networking tool. In the case of those running for office, that notion becomes even greater when considering likeability rates can either make or break an election; a huge part of that, like it or not, is based on how the political figure dresses from day-to-day.

As a way to give props where it’s due, and highlight some of our melanated leaders in the world of politics, we rounded up a handful of the freshest, suited-and-booted stars of Congress who make it their mission to look good while on the job.


From the sassy style of Rep. Maxine Waters to the undeniable dual flex of The Obamas, take a look at 8 Black politicians that definitely know their way around a clothing closet:



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1. Tie: Michelle & Barack Obama

Tie: Michelle & Barack Obama Source:Getty

No way we were about to choose between these two style icons! When you see him, you see her and vice versa — packaged deal!

2. Rep. Maxine Waters

Rep. Maxine Waters Source:Getty

Pastel pantsuits, pearls for days and a signature ‘do to match — no one is coming for the Congresswoman when it comes to style. Take that, Bill O’Reilly!

3. Rev. Al Sharpton

Rev. Al Sharpton Source:Getty

From suits to kurtas, Rev. Sharpton has been pulling off some of the flyest menswear looks for decades. 

4. Joyce Banda

Joyce Banda Source:Getty

Bringing her Southeast African culture everywhere she goes, the former President of Malawi is a vision whenever she steps out in her traditional garbs. 

5. Mayor Randall Woodfin

Mayor Randall Woodfin Source:Getty

The 41-year-old Mayor of Birmingham, Alabama is showing the world of politics a younger, more refined side of menswear. 

6. Rep. Ayanna Pressley

Rep. Ayanna Pressley Source:Getty

Her boldness to be bald paired with an eclectic range of dresses, suits and “street clothes” makes Rep. Pressley one of the most exciting political figures to watch.

7. Eric Adams

Eric Adams Source:Getty

Many have been giving NYC Mayor Adams flack for concerning himself too much with the fashion world (see: 2022 Met Gala reactions). Our take? If the man’s got to get dressed, what’s wrong with him getting fresh along the way?!

8. Condoleezza Rice

Condoleezza Rice Source:Getty

Whether or not you agree with her policies or party alignment, one thing you can’t take away from Condoleezza Rice is her place as the first Black woman to serve as secretary of state and her knack for killing it in a pantsuit paired with the good toe.