Celebrities Visit SiriusXM - February 15, 2019

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Black Ink Crew Chicago’s Ryan Henry can tattoo us any day. The 9 Mag founder grew out his hair after a breakup and instantly reached heart-throb status while simultaneously sending our wombs into a frenzy.

As if Ryan wasn’t sexy enough just dressed down around the shop, he recently donned a suit and really took it up a notch.

We caught up with Ryan and Don while they were promoting Black Ink Crew and Ryan spilled the tea on his new do.

‘I grow my hair every other year. I used to have long hair before, it used to be down here,” he said pointing to his waist. “I was going through a breakup last year and I just end up cutting it. They ain’t see me with a ponytail on TV before so it’s it looks different.”

Check out Ryan’s finest flicks:


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