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Being shipped across the country in a trade after you’ve already settled into a city is never easy. However, Philadelphia, is a city of brotherly love and is always welcoming over newcomers and transplants. The Sixers snagged four players and some draft picks in exchange for James Harden and P.J. Tucker.

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Nicolas Batum, a 15-year veteran, is no stranger to being on the move. Now playing for his fourth team. Batum details to sixers media how he found out he was being traded

“I found out about the trade when I woke up yesterday. My wife woke me up getting the kids ready for school and she showed me the phone and I got the news” Batum said. “So it’s been an insane 24-hours”.

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K.J. Martin, a sophomore in the NBA, is optimistic about his change of scenery. Eagerly looking forward to playing alongside last year’s NBA MVP in Joel Embiid, Martin is excited about how his skillset can compliment the weaknesses in Philadelphia’s offense.

It’s Great. I know the head of the (team) is Joel, he brings a lot of attention, he gets double teamed a lot so — that could help me play to my strengths.” Martin said, “I feel like we got a good balance of everything”.

Marcus Morris, a North Philly native, is returning to his hometown, professionally. After being in the league since 2011, Morris finally has the opportunity to play in front of his hometown and most importantly, be authentic to who he is.

“Teams I was on in previous years, I didn’t feel like I was myself” Morris said. “I know I wasn’t half of myself so being able to come home, playing in front of different fans — and being able to see my family a lot. It’ll be a different atmosphere for me, a different turnout.

See how Sixers fans are reacting to their newest members!


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