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Roxborough High School

Philly is outraged and in tears with the amount of gun violence that exists in our city. It’s no secret that Philly streets are dangerous but when gun violence is bought to the foot of Philadelphia schools, where our children go to learn, it now becomes a different conversation.

As of Sept. 27, at least 179 minors had been shot in Philadelphia this year, according to data from the city controller’s office.

In more recent news reports, it’s teenagers whose lives have been taken away or affected by gun violence.

In the case of the Roxborough High School shooting, a newly released video shows a group of five gunmen waiting inside an SUV and then running out and shooting as a group of high school football players walked by after a scrimmage. The shooting killed one teen and wounded four others.

Philly: 5 Students Shot, 1 Killed, at Roxborough HS Football Scrimmage

As reported by Channel 10, Four of the five teens who were shot – three 14-year-olds, a 15-year-old and a 17-year-old – were members of the Roxborough High School football team, Philadelphia Police Department Homicide Capt. Jason Smith. said. The 17-year-old, who appears to be one of two targets, was not on the team but is friends with one of the other victims, the captain noted.

The shooting at Roxborough High School was after a scrimmage that included Northeast High School and Boys’ Latin Charter School.

This gun ambush was a very planned-out attack. According to police, the gunmen in the SUV parked near the area of the football scrimmage for about six minutes, waiting for the scrimmage between three schools to finish. Other players walked passed the SUV, but the gunmen waited for a specific group to walk by before they jumped out and began shooting.

The shooters fired at least 61 bullets, Smith said. One of the bullets hit Elizalde in the chest, killing him.


Boys Latin Charter Middle & High School

Earlier Thursday morning, on September 29, 2022, Police officers reported Boys Latin Charter Middle School was placed on lockdown after a student was seen with a magazine, loaded with bullets in his backpack on the bus, police say.

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