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The always popular New Jersey boardwalk Wildwood is finally getting some renovations.

The boardwalk has commenced in the repairs of the over 100-year-old boardwalk. Several blocks of the wooden infrastructure are already being replaced as 2021 winds down. The first $4 million of renovations is being used right now, through New Jersey’s state budget. The project might lead to the state using up $30 million to $40 million. This project could take some time, officials believe it could take up to five years to get it all done.

Wildwood’s mayor, Mayor Pete Byron, said the following about the situation,

“The boardwalk is over 100 years old, and all we’ve ever done is patch jobs that need to be done for health and safety issues.”

“There never really was a plan. We couldn’t afford the $80 million it would have taken to do a total rebuild.”

The $4 million budget that is being used right now is part of the money New Jersey governor Phil Murphy put aside. It was originally apart of the budget for the repairs of Wildwood’s Convention Center when a storm hit the Jersey Shore back on April 13th, 2020.

Wildwood’s boardwalk has more than 70,000 wooden planks overlaying most of the grounds, and about 26 wooden blocks supporting them. About 20 wooden blocks are being refurbished. As of now the concrete strips where the tram cars would rise upon are being removed. Its for the safety of the bicyclists and other transportation devices people used. The rebuilt boardwalk’s surface will be encompassed of wood, but the tram cars will continue to operate as usual.

Mayor Pete Byron also mentioned that engineers examined the concrete substructure of the walkway and determined that not all of it was in bad shape. Local and state officials made an examination of the boardwalk’s structure in 2019. They found that there were a few spots where concrete had crumbled to the touch. Keep in mind, the first planks to ever be laid there happened in the year 1900.

Wildwood will apply for grants and explore external funding sources for future boardwalk repair.

Governor Phil Murphy vetoed $56 million in special funding for Wildwood boardwalk repairs in 2019, voicing doubts about its constitutionality. The city and Mayor Pete Byron are trying to also link up with North Wildwood for some help. There was also a proposal to reclassify the boardwalk as a roadway to make available for transportation funding. That possibility was shut down quickly.

Well, I guess not every plan is set in stone…

What would you like to see at a “refurbished” beach destination like Wildwood? Perhaps some new coasters? Maybe a larger mini-golf section?

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