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On the day Donald Trump was arrested, Van Jones felt bad for that “Granddad”. During a segment on CNN’s coverage of “The Arrest and Arraignment of Donald Trump”, Black political commentator Van Jones took it upon himself to bring his peculiar perspective on the situation at hand. Prior to that statement, Jones expressed more empathy […]

One of the fastest men of all time will be the subject of an upcoming feature documentary about his life. Carl Lewis is a track and field legend. Only seven people ever have broken his 100 meters time of 9.86 seconds. His 9 gold medals at the Olympics aren’t the tip of the iceberg. He […]

LeBron James has been no stranger to criticism throughout his 20 year NBA career. NBA and Washington Wizards legend, Gilbert Arenas, is taking the time to add to the long debated “fear” conversation when it comes to topic of Lebron James. On Gilbert Arenas’ podcast, Gils’ Arena, he states that NBA players don’t fear James […]

The world’s #1 blind DJ, touched down for another set at Lady B’s Holiday Basement Party, this time around it was something of particular importance. The night of December 17th marked another milestone in DJ Touchtone’s illustrious career, it was Touchtone’s 25th year as one of the most premier DJ’s in the world. The beauty […]

According to Philadelphia Business Journal, former Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter is becoming a part of the U.S. Department of Treasury. Mayor Nutter will be joining the U.S. Department of Treasury’s newly formed equity committee. The Treasury Advisory Committee on Racial Equity will try to provide advice and recommendations to Secretary Janet Yellen and Deputy Secretary […]

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) just secured the largest drug bust in New York City’s vast history of drug trafficking. Federal authorities have accused Latesha Bush, 48, of concealing close to 15,000 rainbow-colored fentanyl pills as a part of a drug trafficking scheme. The pills were found inside a bright yellow LEGO box that […]

The city of Philadelphia took action to release an official apology for the city’s involvement in the Holmesburg Prison experiments. The Holmesburg Prison experiments were performed throughout the 1950s to the 1970s. The mastermind behind the experiments were former University of Pennsylvania researcher Dr. Albert Kligman. The now-disgraced researcher dealt his experiments on mostly on […]

This is NOT a drill. The British R&B group is working on new music. During an interview with Billboard, French producer and composer Damien Quintard may have mistakenly revealed Sade’s plans for the future. Quintard recently linked up with Brad Pitt to rebuild and co-own Provence, France’s Miraval Studios. The 2,200 acre Chateau Miraval now […]

The Wayans family can never stop making things funny and CBS agrees. According to Deadline, Damon Wayans and Damon Wayans Jr. are set to star in a father-son multi-camera comedy. This would mark Damon Wayans’ return to network comedy after he co-created, executive produced and starred in ABC’s My Wife and Kids, which ran on […]


Philadelphia’s gun control issues are still at war, and the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas isn’t helping the cause. On Monday, Judge Joshua Roberts blocked the city of Philadelphia’s executive order that prohibits people from carrying firearms and other deadly weapons on city-operated recreation premises, including courts, playgrounds, recreation centers and pools, with some exceptions. […]