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Angela Rye attends Essence Black Women In Hollywood

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Move over Stephen A. Smith, Angela Rye is taking her talents to Bristol.

Angela Rye has spent most of her professional career as a political strategist and advocate for African Americans to get into politics. As the CEO and Principal Attorney of IMPACT Strategies, she has spent a ton of time analyzing the political landscape. This move to ESPN makes sense.

In a ESPN press release, the sports conglomerate announced Angela Rye will be joining them. Angela Rye will be contributing her spin on topical features, commentaries and essays across various shows and platforms on the network. She will also appear in studio and produce stories under ESPN’s “#BlackHistoryAlways” banner. Even more specifically, ESPN stated that she will be involved in topics including “Jackie Robinson’s impact 75 years after he broke the color barrier; a celebration of the 50th anniversary of Title IX; the role athletes play in social justice movements; and difference makers at HBCUs.“

In the press release Rye seems to be very excited about her next venture into the world of sports.

I am excited to join the talented team at ESPN.

Sports plays a critical role in our culture, bringing joy to us all in the midst of unprecedented challenges.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to give culturally relevant stories a voice on this iconic platform.

IMPACT Strategies, the political advocacy, social impact, and racial equity firm based in Washington, DC has been her bread and butter. BUT most attorneys aren’t in front the camera as much as Angela Rye. Her political commentary career skyrocketed during her time as a political commentator for CNN. The time during the Trump presidency can produce a myriad of reactions, and Angela’s reactions were usually full of disgust.

CNN – Angela Rye Teaches Carl Higbie

She has been persistent in publicly telling the right and far-right off since 2016.

She gained even more traction by being a regular on Power 105.1’s morning show, The Breakfast Club. She actually might have the record for most appearances on the syndicated show with 13 appearances. Her and radio host Charlemagne Tha God, developed a great working relationship and their friendship spawned multiple shows including Angela’s own podcast, On 1 with Angela Rye on Loud Speakers Network.

On 1 with Angela Rye – Angela and Papa Rye

Rye’s commitment to the Black community has earned her honors from the NAACP Image Awards, TV One, and ABC. She is also a 2019 recipient of an Honorary Doctorate from Wiley College. She even worked with California Congresswoman Maxine Waters, back in her early days.

Angela Rye has already hit the ground running with her first appearance on ESPN’s First Take. She was tasked with tackling the situation that former Miami Dolphins head coach, Brian Flores, is in.

ESPN’s First Take – Brian Flores’ Lawsuit

Again, Angela Rye’s move to ESPN just makes sense.

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