Judge Rejects Philadelphia’s Newly Enacted Gun Law

Man holding handgun pistol

Source: Nia Noelle / Radio One Digital

Philadelphia’s gun control issues are still at war, and the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas isn’t helping the cause.

On Monday, Judge Joshua Roberts blocked the city of Philadelphia’s executive order that prohibits people from carrying firearms and other deadly weapons on city-operated recreation premises, including courts, playgrounds, recreation centers and pools, with some exceptions.

Judge Roberts’ decision was rooted in the idea that Philadelphia is “a creation of the state”. His seven-page opinion response essentially states that the city does not have the authority to implement laws in opposition to state laws. Judge Roberts also sourced the decision from two other reasons. The Uniform Firearms Act, which prohibits local governments from regulating possession of a firearm, and a 1996 state Supreme Court case which determined the state legislature has barred local municipalities from regulating the “ownership, possession, transfer or transportation of firearms”.

The executive order was signed by Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney and Department of Parks and Recreation Commissioner Kathryn Ott Lovell last week. The executive order came about a day after Mayor Kenney attended the funeral of Tiffany Fletcher, an employee of the Mill Creek Recreation Center in West Philadelphia who was shot and killed by a 14-year-old boy while working. The 14-year-old boy is being charged with murder.

Val Finnell, Pennsylvania director of Gun Owners of America, said in a news release that the organization is sending a message to other local leaders across the state that it will “not tolerate illegal bans, prohibitions, or restrictions on the Second Amendment” in violation of state law.

“We stopped Mayor Kenney in less than a week, and we will do the same to you,” he said.

Philadelphia reached its 400th homicide in 2022 due to gun violence last week.

That same day 11 people shot.

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