Civil Rights & Social Justice

The city of Philadelphia took action to release an official apology for the city’s involvement in the Holmesburg Prison experiments. The Holmesburg Prison experiments were performed throughout the 1950s to the 1970s. The mastermind behind the experiments were former University of Pennsylvania researcher Dr. Albert Kligman. The now-disgraced researcher dealt his experiments on mostly on […]

Back in 2017, the National Park Service considered making the Black Panther Headquarters in Oakland, California a national historical park. The idea was quickly shut down because of the “concerns” from police groups citing that commemorating a violent separatist group was wrong. It also didn’t help that Donald Trump was the president at the time. […]

In 1921 the 10,000 Black residents of Tulsa’s neighborhood of Greenwood, witnessed the pillaging and destruction of their community. For about 18 hours, some 1,500 white men burned 1,256 houses along with various Black-owned businesses including a hospital and school. Greenwood once held the pillars of its nickname “Black Wall Street”. For decades America tried […]

Leaders of the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation are in a bit of trouble. A recent New York Magazine article, accuses the Black Lives Matter of several allegations of money mismanagement. The accusations stemmed from the foundation using funds for inappropriate purchases including a $6 million house in Studio City, California. One of the […]


Charlotteville, Virginia will take another step in the reformation of justice. The Charlottesville City Council just voted in an unanimous 4-0 decision to donate the town’s General Robert E. Lee statue to the Jefferson School African American Heritage Center. Robert E. Lee, who is most known as a pro-slavery advocate and military commander for the […]

Five officers were fired on Monday in the wake of William Harvey's death after he was found unconscious with injuries to his neck caused by a pair of Harvey’s shoelaces on April 2.

A secret panel made up of seven investigators will determine if officers are targeting Black motorists in the state.

In the year that changed everything, Amy Cooper, aka, "Central Park Karen" just proved that she learned absolutely nothing.

Police were called to the memorial site on Tuesday in response to reports of gunfire near the location where George Floyd was killed by former cop Derek Chauvin exactly one year ago.

With the one-year mark since George Floyd's murder, here's what's changed on the national police reform front -- and what hasn't -- since that fateful Memorial Day in Minneapolis.