The Black pastors’ effort has asked the Biden administration to pay attention to the bigger tragedy at hand ahead of the election

Here are twelve tunes for your party or playlist to set the tone for your team to make the right pick in this years NFL Draft!

On the day Donald Trump was arrested, Van Jones felt bad for that “Granddad”. During a segment on CNN’s coverage of “The Arrest and Arraignment of Donald Trump”, Black political commentator Van Jones took it upon himself to bring his peculiar perspective on the situation at hand. Prior to that statement, Jones expressed more empathy […]

Lady B

From nominations and hip-hop celebrations, to a visual credit to Philly’s own personality as a hip-hop pioneer, there were some strong Philadelphian ties at the 65th Grammy Awards. Philadelphia owned the classical category. Time for Three and the Philadelphia orchestra won two Grammy awards for Classical Instrument solo and Contemporary Classical Composition. Philadelphian Orchestra conductor Yannick […]

  The political persecution of President Donald J. Trump has been going on for years, with now the fully debunked Russia, Russia, Russia Scam, Impeachment Hoax #1 Impeachment Hoax #2, and so much more, it just never ends. It is political targeting at the highest level! These are some of the words shared by Donald […]

Back in 2017, the National Park Service considered making the Black Panther Headquarters in Oakland, California a national historical park. The idea was quickly shut down because of the “concerns” from police groups citing that commemorating a violent separatist group was wrong. It also didn’t help that Donald Trump was the president at the time. […]

In 1921 the 10,000 Black residents of Tulsa’s neighborhood of Greenwood, witnessed the pillaging and destruction of their community. For about 18 hours, some 1,500 white men burned 1,256 houses along with various Black-owned businesses including a hospital and school. Greenwood once held the pillars of its nickname “Black Wall Street”. For decades America tried […]

It is not a secret that art from Black and Brown people has been stolen and taken away from its source. In museums around the world, the collections of stolen art are donated to installations without the context of how these pieces really go there. Museums have had a hard time agreeing about who had […]

The National Urban League is one of America’s oldest civil rights organizations. Each year since 1976, the organization has analyzed and reported on the affairs of African Americans. The yearly report presented is called the State of Black America, and for this year the results haven’t been good. According to The Associated Press, the racial […]

Leaders of the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation are in a bit of trouble. A recent New York Magazine article, accuses the Black Lives Matter of several allegations of money mismanagement. The accusations stemmed from the foundation using funds for inappropriate purchases including a $6 million house in Studio City, California. One of the […]