The man who killed Trayvon Martin continues to get banned by dating apps.

JoJo Smollett slams the Chicago Police Department and the Osundairo brothers.

  As the city of Flint, Mich. marks the five-year anniversary of the Flint Water Crisis, the city is set to receive $77.7 million in federal funding. The funding is a part of a $140 million loan that was allocated to Flint in 2017. The funds will also support rehabbing lineal sewer pipes.  


Laura Ingraham's latest violation of the basic standards for being a decent human came at the expense of the late rapper Nipsey Hussle.

The actress was allegedly part of the biggest college admissions scandal in history.

Is Jussie Smollett supposed to never make happy facial expressions again?


Nipsey Hussle's death touched millions of people, including those who may not have been familiar with him before, which is why a public memorial seemed fitting.

With the combination of generous financial support it both receives and supplies, Piney Woods can continue thriving and educating Black and brown students in preparation to successfully enter a college, workforce and society that many times doesn't mirror their image.


The recent killings of young African American girls may have made national headlines, but statistics show there are plenty of other Black children who are victims of violent crimes in a disturbing trend.

Cathy Hughes, founder and chairperson of Urban One, Inc., makes history as the first African-American woman to be inducted into the Broadcasting Hall of Fame in the radio category.