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The Coronavirus has been spreading worldwide. Hitting thousands of people around the world with countless amount of deaths.

According to the Coronavirus Map via Google the virus has hit China the hardest of them all. The Coronavirus Map has listed the amount of cases, cases per 1 Million people, recorded recoveries & deaths. Some places in the world have been hit worse than the other. As an example China has been at the top of the charts since the virus has spread and places like Syria & Uganda have only a few cases currently and no deaths.

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List Of Countries Effected By The Coronavirus  was originally published on

1. China (81,093)

China (81,093)


2. Italy (59,138)

Italy (59,138)


3. America (39,262)

America (39,262)


4. Spain (33,089)

Spain (33,089)


5. Germany (27,546)

Germany (27,546)