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The world’s #1 blind DJ, touched down for another set at Lady B’s Holiday Basement Party, this time around it was something of particular importance.

The night of December 17th marked another milestone in DJ Touchtone’s illustrious career, it was Touchtone’s 25th year as one of the most premier DJ’s in the world.

The beauty of this award was that it was written in braille. The Radio One family worked togheted to get an award custom written in LA. When Lady B said read the award out laughed out loud and then whe she said touch it, he was amazed, and he surely read what was engraved on his plaque.


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He started his radio career in 1997, but those who know him, he started his journey long ago in an apartment in Philly. He took his and his mother’s influences, ranging from Stevie Wonder to DJ Jazzy Jeff, and brought his own flair to the airwaves. Along the way he gained a partner in crime with Lady B, and they’ve been intertwined ever since. Tone’s determination in his early days brought him to heights he’d knew he’d reach. A certain confidence that led him to quotes like “being blind isn’t a handicap, it’s a gift.”

DJ Touchtone Interview

Jazzy Jeff was not able to be there in person, but he sent a video in that played on the jumbo screen, announcing the award of DJ Touchtone’s anniversary.

Throughout the night DJ Touchtone played hit after hit with transitions so seamless, you might think the same as Jazzy. Lady B and Touchtone have created a space, in the form of a “basement party”, to bring joy into Black and people of color’s lives.

It’s like a world away from the world. It’s like a fantastic voyage without the motion sickness, unless you drank too much of course. From Tevin Campbell’s “Can We Talk” to Nelly’s “Flap Your Wings” Touchtone knows when it’s time to move a crowd in the right direction. The Basement Party is brings party-goers to different time and place for just a moment. A moment of unlimited and untethered blackness.


During Touchtone’s celebratory moment, he was surrounded by his friends. The cheers from the crowd propelled him to say something as honestly as he could in the moment.


Two words…thank you. If I say anymore, I’m gonna get get emotional. I’m not gonna do that tonight.

Tone headed back to the turntables and immediately resumed getting the party jumping until midnight.

Lady B and Touchtone should be proud of what they’ve accomplished in their careers. They understand the language of music and how it makes us feel. Lady B’s 2022 Holiday Basement Party was another example of what community looks like.



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