In the aftermath of Prince’s death back in 2016, the control inside Prince’s estate has been shuffled in the last few years. Duties were first assigned to family members in Prince’s life, which included his six siblings. Three of the youngest siblings later saw that their responsibilities with Prince’s work shouldn’t be all on their […]


Prince had always been a strong leader for Black ownership. Especially when it came to his likeness and music. Sadly, that ideology may be coming to a close for him. The Minneapolis Star Tribune has reported that the Internal Revenue Service and Comerica Bank & Trust, the Prince Estate’s administrator, have reached an agreement on […]

After the third anniversary of his passing, Prince’s estate revealed major news for all us Prince fans out there. On Monday, Random House Publishing Company announced they have brokered a partnership with the estate, and will be publishing the autobiography THE BEAUTIFUL ONES. The memoir is set to drop this fall.     The book […]